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Ten More Pounds …    

The year of a flatter stomach, muscular legs and arms along with an amped up metablisim was 2007 for me (Pre-pregancy). That was then and this is now.  Flash forward to 2015.  I have to work a little harder to obtain the same physical goals.  That’s OK. I’m willing to do the work.  While at the same time I don’t want to experience uneccessary mental stress in my pursuit of physical perfection.

Ever watched a pot filled with water on a hot stove eye? Wondered when the bubbles would dance – indicating now is the time to add your food? For a while I developed that same attitude with my scale. Waking in the morning to see if the numbers were dropping. Not a good idea.

Once I decided to focus on actually making it to the gym and reaching my running goals and not the number on the scale, I saw results (current weight 145).  I’m not suggesting you don’t monitor the scale. I’m saying stop looking everyday.  That one thing can break down the strongest of women if we don’t see what we believe to be the magical number staring back at us. The body you desire can be yours and mine, we just have to focus more on on eating better, busting a sweat and getting the proper rest. 
– Step on the scale once a week or every other week

– Weigh yourself first thing in morning, when you do (empty stomach).

– Set realistic goals. 

– Save your money on waist trainers (buy a medicine ball instead).

– Don’t compare your body to others. It’s OK to look and admire.

* I’m not a certified trainer.  The views expressed are from my personal experience.  Consult a doctor before starting a new workout program. Now … Go get it!! 

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