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Lather, Shampoo and Repeat

I am an avid viewer of YouTube videos. I like learning about other folk  methods of hair care and their individual loc Journeys .  Every now and then, I come across a video where someone is explaining how much their scalp itches after being  told not to wet their hair or risk disturbing the perfectly formed loc coils.

Not cleansing the scalp and hair for abnormal periods of time is nasty and not healthy.  My first set of locs were cultivated. I waxed my hair with the hopes of perfect locs – I didn’t know any better. Youtube wasn’t popping like that during my first set. Eventually, I stopped using greasy products and shampooed more often – I kept twisting with each wash. Extreme manipulation is another bad practice.

Since I started free forming, I shampoo when ever the mood hits me. My scalp tells me when it’s time – no rules.  Some claim to cleanse their hair and scalp with water only. Personally, I don’t see how that works when the goal is to remove dirt and oils (natural and artificial).

If you aren’t into using shampoos, opt for products that aren’t as harsh on your hair and the environment. Lately, I’ve been using the 365 Brand from Whole Foods. It doesn’t lather as much or as quickly – more product is required during the cleansing process.  I’m also fond of my shampoo bar by J.R. LIGGETT’S.

At the end of the day, do what works best for your hair. No matter your choice it most important that you keep your hair and scalp clean.

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Free Form Locs: Photo slide show

Now that I am on a Free Form Loc journey, I find myself searching the net for others that have already embraced this method of growing locs.  Last night I gathered a few pictures for your viewing pleasure too.  Press play now:

Imperfect locs: Free Form Journey











No sooner than I mentioned the plan was to Free Form my locs, self-doubt moved into my doom and set up shop.  How long will it take for my roots to grow out and start forming? Does this really look OK? Maybe I should continue with cultivating my locs.  All of those thoughts filled my head every time I looked in the mirror or happend to see someone on the street with the perfect locs.

The truth is I gave up and started twisting again.  Meanwhile I’m still not happy with my hair.  I don’t like the super neat look on me when it comes to my hair.  And on an occasion I will see a man with locs that have been sectioned off perfectly with neat uniformed locs growing from his scalp.  I find myself thinking that’s too much – he looks pretty.

I’ve been back on Youtube seeking out women that Free Form .  I found three that have inspired to stay the course (I will feature their videos in a future post).  Once again,  I’m declaring and embracing the Free Form method.  I  will shampoo when needed and try to keep my fingers out of my hair.

I will not let others opinion of my unkempt roots take me off course.  This is my hair.  No apologies or long explanations shall be provided  for those that feel I should explain my decision to let my hair do what it will naturally.

If you are a Free Former or no of one that might be of inspiration to others, please share the information in the comment section below.

My Decision To FreeForm: Growing Locs

The first time I grew locs I admit I had very limited knowledge. Thinking back on the experience I didn’t know anyone that had locks.  My journey for lack of better words was a truly a natural occurrence.

Tired of living the LYE I instructed my long-time hairstylist to cut my hair off.  The chopping process stressed her out to say the least. She thought I was making the wrong decision, one that only time could correct.

That same night my date cancelled after learning that my ear length, bone straight haircut had become a thing of a past. He made a smart azz remark, one which had all his subsequent calls going straight to voice mail.  We never spoke again.

Present day.

Over a year into my loc journey I have decided to use the  FreeForm method in maintaining my hair.  My regimen will consist of shampooing when needed, natural oils and keeping my locs separated.  Twisting my hair will no longer take place.  Being someone who works out often I’m sure this new routine will better suit my lifestyle.

I really appreciate the beauty of my puffy, kinky, cotton “feel” like roots.  I guess that’s why I can’t stop touching my hair.  This is day two of my commitment to FreeForm locs.  I will include pictures along the way.

A future entry will highlight the combining of some 200 locs (mine). The photo below shows my hair  joined and thread stitched.

My locs untwisted
One of my loc inspiration photos

Kim Coles 9-month Anniversary

Actress and Comedian Kim Coles is celebrating her 9th natural hair anniversary this month.  I like many others have wondered how Coles was able to maintain  a healthy looking  hairline after wearing micro-braids for 20 years.  See the answer that she gave in the comment section of her natural hair VBlog:

“Folks have asked me about this. First of all, my braider was careful not to use a lot of hair at my edges. Next I did a LOT of touchups/rebraiding the area every few weeks so that the edges never got too old thereby allowing extension hair to hang and stress MY own hair. And lastly I tried not to pull too tight when i styled. My edges are not perfect, but I thankfully in pretty good shape.”

Kim Coles on Twitter.  You find me on Twitter too.

Head Wraps: If momma can do it so can you











It was on a visit to New York many years ago, that I learned how to do  head wraps. At the time my focus was on what some may refer to as the Erykah Badu wraps. Up North it wasn’t a big deal seeing a woman with a piece of fabric adorning her head. Down South I experienced  people whispering loudly, “I didn’t know Badu was gonna be here.”  Those words expressed by another concert goer like myself. Then there was the time I was in a fabric shop when I overheard something about Badu and the giggles that followed.

For a while now I have felt bored and uninspired behind the lack of hair styling options available for my short locs. I can twist them down and pin them up but I’m trying to avoid any unnecessary hair stress until I have more length.

My mom, a 62 year-old naturalista, resistant to changed shocked me recently by revealing a head wrap she’d done herself. She told me she learned how to wrap her hair via the natural hair community on Youtube.

Long story short, I have started wrapping my hair again when I feel the need for change. This may good for you too if you are transitioning, growing locs or you are someone who simply likes having options.

Head wrapping is fairly easy if you don’t over think it. I have found it frustrating at times while seeking the perfect wrap. Those time when I just grab (the fabric) and just do it, the outcome is most fabulous. Note: The fabric you use doesn’t have to cost you a lot at the checkout counter.  Experiment and use the colors and textures that make you happy.  I have read where some people wrap their heads with T-shirts and skirts.  It all depends on your imagination and willingness to try.

Naturallistas In The Spotlight: Rachelle Ferrell

Rachelle Ferrell

This blog post features singer Rachelle Ferrell. Since seeing her performance on the Apollo some years ago I have been in awe of her ability to use her voice as an instrument to make music.

If you missed the live performance. Make sure you check out the video via the link provided.  At the time her hair looked relaxed  or maybe pressed straight.


At last check Ferrell is rocking her hair in its natural state so that is why I choose to feature her as apart of my Naturalistas In The Spotlight series.  I checked for her official website  just before sitting down to write this article.  As of now it is a work in progress.  You can go there for tour information or check her out on Facebook.


Check out the video below.  It features Rachelle Ferrell, Ledisi (a loc rocker) and Kelly Price freestyling  in the name of music and sisterhood.  True talent at its best.  Press play now to experience the magic.


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Coffee & Black Tea Rinses for natural hair

In my search for an outlet that stocks PURE Henna I discovered most of us have what we need in our kitchen to dye our hair darker naturally.  Or cover those bothersome gray strands.   I have used Henna on several occasions.  I like the product I used however I now question its purity (maybe a Compound Henna).
From what I have read if the Henna packaging is offering a various shades (i.e., mahogany or auburn) hidden ingredients may be included that could prove harmful to the user in the form of an allergic reaction.
While at the same time Henna itself is a major commitment if you are someone who still wants to dabble in commercial hair dyes. From what I have read you either have to grow the hair out  and/or cut it off ( only if you have become the victim of a Compound Henna) to go ahead with a chemical process that will actually change the color of your hair – unlike Henna that only coats the hair.
This past weekend armed with the knowledge that Coffee and or Black Tea would allow me to dye my hair a darker shade I headed to the grocery store. This method of adding color to my hair is cost effective: Coffee  $5.69 / Black Tea – $1.97 and no worries about hidden ingredients in products “claiming to be” natural.
Brew your coffee and allow it to cool to luke warm.
Rinse mixture through  freshly shampooed hair 15-20 times (I held my head over the sink and used a bowl to catch the liquid and transfer it back to my pouring bowl – seek the assistance of a friend)
Leave the last rinse in your hair for 30 minuets (don’t wrap your hair in a towel as this will absorb the coffee & tea from your hair.  Squeeze as much as you can from the hair, then apply a plastic cap).
Rinse, shampoo& condition (I didn’t condition because I am growing new locs).
*Follow same steps for Black Tea (I combined the two).
The exact amount of coffee depends on the length and thickness of your hair.  The goal is to completely saturated the hair from root to tips.
Avoid using instant coffee since it may contain additives that can damage your hair or lead to an allergic reaction.
Keep in mind Coffee and Black Tea can stain your towels & other equipment (bowls).
Via my twitter address I tweeted links to natural hair rinse recipes follow me now to check those out and other natural tips that I come across. Find me on Facebook too.

Growing Locs: My hair journey

My natural hair journey has taken a ‘twist’ and turn since my last update.  I have officially decided to grow my second set of locks.  From an earlier post I mentioned when ever I styled my hair in baby coils I found myself thinking about locking my hair again.

When I wore locks I truly enjoyed them.  Why did I cut them off?  Well that is a story in itself.  One I may share later on down the road. Including the little known fact that I paid to have my cut locs sewn back on shortly after I chopped them off.

May 27th will mark two-months since I have been on my new loc journey .  I admit this time around is testing my patience because I have knowledge of the (end) result (so to speak) and now I workout  a lot so the hair care is really an issue in terms of my coils unraveling at the root.

Some have suggested  interlocking.  I not sure that’s for me or my hair. Time will tell. Below I have posted a video highlighting my decision to grow locs again and products used.

Questions for you ????

1. Have you grown locs before and cut or took them down later?

2. What methods are you using to keep up your locs?

You can’t work here with that hair …

Singer Goapele












The word lawsuit kept entering my mind as I watched this video.  While at the same time it makes me wonder how many  people are  denied advancement in the work place because they have decided to wear their hair in its natural state.