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Rain, Sweat or Showers For 2: No Worries

I’m remembering the last rain fall. It seemed as if the water droplets would never stop falling from the sky. Sometime later on this particular morning, my mom arrived. I asked if she had an umbrella! She told me it was in the car. My mother l sports a short natural.  It’s clear she wasn’t concerned about a little extra moisture wetting her hair do. 

I feel the same way, especially when it comes to rocking locs. I walk in the rain, play in it sometimes and workout when I want too without fear of messing up my do.  If you too are sporting some form of a natural, take advantage of the freedom and get the recommended amount of daily exercise needed to keep your body happy and your mind free of stress.  

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a steady routine. That’s about to change! I’m on week two of my fitness journey (join me).  Hair is not an issue. Making time to get moving is the battle. 

How about you? Are you making fitness a lifestyle? Share your routines, ups and downs and success with me in the comment box.  

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*Quote: Tyra Banks


Lather, Shampoo and Repeat

I am an avid viewer of YouTube videos. I like learning about other folk  methods of hair care and their individual loc Journeys .  Every now and then, I come across a video where someone is explaining how much their scalp itches after being  told not to wet their hair or risk disturbing the perfectly formed loc coils.

Not cleansing the scalp and hair for abnormal periods of time is nasty and not healthy.  My first set of locs were cultivated. I waxed my hair with the hopes of perfect locs – I didn’t know any better. Youtube wasn’t popping like that during my first set. Eventually, I stopped using greasy products and shampooed more often – I kept twisting with each wash. Extreme manipulation is another bad practice.

Since I started free forming, I shampoo when ever the mood hits me. My scalp tells me when it’s time – no rules.  Some claim to cleanse their hair and scalp with water only. Personally, I don’t see how that works when the goal is to remove dirt and oils (natural and artificial).

If you aren’t into using shampoos, opt for products that aren’t as harsh on your hair and the environment. Lately, I’ve been using the 365 Brand from Whole Foods. It doesn’t lather as much or as quickly – more product is required during the cleansing process.  I’m also fond of my shampoo bar by J.R. LIGGETT’S.

At the end of the day, do what works best for your hair. No matter your choice it most important that you keep your hair and scalp clean.

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FreeForm locs: Mother Natures touch



From earlier post it was clear that I was in the middle of a serious hair struggle. I twisted my hair, allowed someone to use a latch on my hair , combined all my locs and uncombined them … too much drama!!!

After cutting my hair off in November 2012 and utilizing the towel rub method for about two – weeks I finally found myself on the right path.

Today, honey watch out! I love my hair! I shampoo, dry and go. No more twisting, no gel, no wax. I let go and let God have control.

Note: my locs are all different sizes, grow flat and sometimes try to marry at the root – I separate to avoid congos. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to express yourself.

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Imperfect locs: Free Form Journey











No sooner than I mentioned the plan was to Free Form my locs, self-doubt moved into my doom and set up shop.  How long will it take for my roots to grow out and start forming? Does this really look OK? Maybe I should continue with cultivating my locs.  All of those thoughts filled my head every time I looked in the mirror or happend to see someone on the street with the perfect locs.

The truth is I gave up and started twisting again.  Meanwhile I’m still not happy with my hair.  I don’t like the super neat look on me when it comes to my hair.  And on an occasion I will see a man with locs that have been sectioned off perfectly with neat uniformed locs growing from his scalp.  I find myself thinking that’s too much – he looks pretty.

I’ve been back on Youtube seeking out women that Free Form .  I found three that have inspired to stay the course (I will feature their videos in a future post).  Once again,  I’m declaring and embracing the Free Form method.  I  will shampoo when needed and try to keep my fingers out of my hair.

I will not let others opinion of my unkempt roots take me off course.  This is my hair.  No apologies or long explanations shall be provided  for those that feel I should explain my decision to let my hair do what it will naturally.

If you are a Free Former or no of one that might be of inspiration to others, please share the information in the comment section below.

My Decision To FreeForm: Growing Locs

The first time I grew locs I admit I had very limited knowledge. Thinking back on the experience I didn’t know anyone that had locks.  My journey for lack of better words was a truly a natural occurrence.

Tired of living the LYE I instructed my long-time hairstylist to cut my hair off.  The chopping process stressed her out to say the least. She thought I was making the wrong decision, one that only time could correct.

That same night my date cancelled after learning that my ear length, bone straight haircut had become a thing of a past. He made a smart azz remark, one which had all his subsequent calls going straight to voice mail.  We never spoke again.

Present day.

Over a year into my loc journey I have decided to use the  FreeForm method in maintaining my hair.  My regimen will consist of shampooing when needed, natural oils and keeping my locs separated.  Twisting my hair will no longer take place.  Being someone who works out often I’m sure this new routine will better suit my lifestyle.

I really appreciate the beauty of my puffy, kinky, cotton “feel” like roots.  I guess that’s why I can’t stop touching my hair.  This is day two of my commitment to FreeForm locs.  I will include pictures along the way.

A future entry will highlight the combining of some 200 locs (mine). The photo below shows my hair  joined and thread stitched.

My locs untwisted
One of my loc inspiration photos

Pipe Cleaner Curls – short locs

My 2nd year anniversary post the BC (big chop) was right around mid-September. At that time I didn’t feel like writing about it, taking pictures or posting any videos to Youtube.  I realize my blogging needs more effort, so for the new coming year I plan to make a better effort when it comes to my updates.

Today, I’m sharing my personal experience with Pipe Cleaner Curls. Two words: Love It!  I have no idea why I didn’t try this style the first time I grew locks.  It is fairly simple and it looks cute on short, medium and long length locks. I have posted comments / questions on videos featuring women showcasing this style.  I have asked how well the curls held up after a workout at the gym.  To my surprise most have answered back that they don’t workout.

Side note: Your hair style should not keep you from participating in physical activity. We all need some form of exercise.  I have learned first hand, that the curls do hold up during intense physical training.  The results will probably vary depending on hair lengths.


Pipe Cleaner Set

Items use for my new style:

Pipe Cleaner Curls from Micheals (craft store), also available at Walmart.

LottaBody Setting Lotions from Sally’s Beauty Supply or Foam (optional) 

Spray bottle to hold liquid mixture (setting lotion and water)

Standard hooded Dryer

(Day #1) Light finger comb

I ended up using brown Pipe Cleaners because I couldn’t find any black ones in stock.  Although the material on the cleaners don’t shed much.  I had a little concern that loose fiber would show up in my hair if I failed to remove any of it.  To eliminate that possibility, I also rinsed my cleaners before introducing them to my natural hair.

The Steps:

* Fold the Pipe Cleaners in 1/2 and form what looks like a needle head on the closed end (after bending)

* Rinse Pipe Cleaners and squeeze excess water (no need to dry)

Shampoo & Condition the hair

Apply diluted setting lotion to hair sections (see bottle instructions)

Wrap each lock (I used up to three on each Pipe Cleaner), thicker hair may look better with less (1 to 2).  Note: wrap the hair around the cleaner starting close to the end that resembling the head of a needle for easier removal later. I didn’t use  any specific pattern. The style is basically a roller set without the rollers.

Once  the Pipe Cleaner set is complete sit under a hooded dryer for faster drying time (optional).  I wore my Pipe Cleaners over night with a satin cap.  The following morning I removed the Pipe Cleaners and finger styled.

Update: Day #5 photos (just after workout) 

Day #5 Side view

My locks were started with the finger twist method. I didn’t do the traditional parting with a comb.  I now use essential oils for re-twisting. Every now and then I may twist with Jane Carters Twist & Lock Cream.  If you have any  other questions, please post them  below.  Don’t forget to share this article via the share buttons below.  Thank you for supporting this blog and please come back again soon. Stay up to date with natural hair journey blog post via my Twitter  page or subscribe to this blog now.

Naturallistas In The Spotlight: Rachelle Ferrell

Rachelle Ferrell

This blog post features singer Rachelle Ferrell. Since seeing her performance on the Apollo some years ago I have been in awe of her ability to use her voice as an instrument to make music.

If you missed the live performance. Make sure you check out the video via the link provided.  At the time her hair looked relaxed  or maybe pressed straight.


At last check Ferrell is rocking her hair in its natural state so that is why I choose to feature her as apart of my Naturalistas In The Spotlight series.  I checked for her official website  just before sitting down to write this article.  As of now it is a work in progress.  You can go there for tour information or check her out on Facebook.


Check out the video below.  It features Rachelle Ferrell, Ledisi (a loc rocker) and Kelly Price freestyling  in the name of music and sisterhood.  True talent at its best.  Press play now to experience the magic.


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Naturally speaking

I was watching the Tyra Banks show the other day.  The topic was hair and how to style it.  The featured guest said that longer hair started with coils for locking tended to loc faster or something along those lines.

I started my first set of  locs on short hair.  Every time I washed (once a week) my hair would unravel into a soft Afro.  Then one day my tiny coils remained intact after my cleansing ritual.  I didn’t know anything about growing locs.  I was learning as they grew.  So it shocks me now to watch video’s with women and men celebrating the fact that they have made it two and three months without cleansing their scalp and hair  (not a good practice at all).

This time around when I coiled my hair and shampooed a week later the ends of my hair remained intact and only fluffed at the roots.  Leaving me to believe that a bit of length might be better than starting super short.  But then again, growing locs is different from one head to the next.

I’m quickly approaching my two month mark.  I will be posting a new video that highlights my progress.  Via the video below you can find my YouTube Page and subscribe now for future updates.

Today’s video is a day in my life after shampoo.  Click play.  Rate, Subscribe, comment and enjoy.

Growing Locs: My hair journey

My natural hair journey has taken a ‘twist’ and turn since my last update.  I have officially decided to grow my second set of locks.  From an earlier post I mentioned when ever I styled my hair in baby coils I found myself thinking about locking my hair again.

When I wore locks I truly enjoyed them.  Why did I cut them off?  Well that is a story in itself.  One I may share later on down the road. Including the little known fact that I paid to have my cut locs sewn back on shortly after I chopped them off.

May 27th will mark two-months since I have been on my new loc journey .  I admit this time around is testing my patience because I have knowledge of the (end) result (so to speak) and now I workout  a lot so the hair care is really an issue in terms of my coils unraveling at the root.

Some have suggested  interlocking.  I not sure that’s for me or my hair. Time will tell. Below I have posted a video highlighting my decision to grow locs again and products used.

Questions for you ????

1. Have you grown locs before and cut or took them down later?

2. What methods are you using to keep up your locs?

Locks – Hair Inspiration