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My Decision To FreeForm: Growing Locs

The first time I grew locs I admit I had very limited knowledge. Thinking back on the experience I didn’t know anyone that had locks.  My journey for lack of better words was a truly a natural occurrence.

Tired of living the LYE I instructed my long-time hairstylist to cut my hair off.  The chopping process stressed her out to say the least. She thought I was making the wrong decision, one that only time could correct.

That same night my date cancelled after learning that my ear length, bone straight haircut had become a thing of a past. He made a smart azz remark, one which had all his subsequent calls going straight to voice mail.  We never spoke again.

Present day.

Over a year into my loc journey I have decided to use the  FreeForm method in maintaining my hair.  My regimen will consist of shampooing when needed, natural oils and keeping my locs separated.  Twisting my hair will no longer take place.  Being someone who works out often I’m sure this new routine will better suit my lifestyle.

I really appreciate the beauty of my puffy, kinky, cotton “feel” like roots.  I guess that’s why I can’t stop touching my hair.  This is day two of my commitment to FreeForm locs.  I will include pictures along the way.

A future entry will highlight the combining of some 200 locs (mine). The photo below shows my hair  joined and thread stitched.

My locs untwisted
One of my loc inspiration photos

R&B Singer Usher In The Barbers Chair





My son was born with a light Mohawk and has officially rocked one for nearly 3 1/2 years.  I’m looking to give his haircut an update. Right now, he is growing his reddish-brown hair longer so we can can do something like what R&B singer Usher is wearing now.

Raphael Saadiq: New Video ~ Good Man

Last night I was looking for information on YaYA DaCosta (America’s Next Top Model).  I was curious to know if her hair remains in a natural state or if she had relaxed it.  My question remains unanswered.  However, I came across the new video for Raphael Saadiq’s: Good Man.   It stars none other than YaYa and “Mr. why you sexy like that,” Chad Coleman (HBO’s The Wire).

As you will see the story involves the tale of a couple with different desires for wealth and status, betrayal and sacrifice. I love it !!!

Check for Saadiq’s new project in stores March 22, 2011


Hair PIZZAZ with flower accessories -so sexy!!

Black rose
Flower power












Happy holidays naturalistas and those considering the natural journey.  As I share these very words with you I am waiting for my mother to download pictures from the Christmas holiday.  Especially the few snapshots she took of my hair adorned with a black artificial rose.  It was an accessory loaned to me by my niece.  It really looked good in my twist-out (the best one yet).  Probably better than good seeing how my niece told me twice, “I want my rose back.”  Between you and I the thought  she should have said “Auntie, I see how much you love it, you can have it.”  Eventually she did say something similar but it wasn’t heartfelt – she loves the rose just as much as I do.

I made a trip to the store that she told me about to buy it for myself  only to find  the establishment wouldn’t be open that day.  Later I search the mall but found myself feeling less than impressed with the one store that featured flowers. Their stock included mainly flat and spreading flowers and I found their merchandise not worth the listed ticket price. Considering the one I loved was only two bucks.   Wal-Mart has some choices but not that awesome rose.  And here again, I find their hair accessories  over priced in general.

When I go back home, I will return to the spot and hook myself up with the black rose and some other colors too.  Like brown or lavender or even a soft peach color.   In the meantime I may have to try my luck at making  flower accessories. The inspiration to do so comes from the  video listed below. This naturalista will show you several different styles and explains beautifully how you too can make something cute and stylish for your hair.

Deja Dee: Naturalista, Actress & Radio talent

Naturalista Deja Dee
Do you have a signature style?  Why does it appeal to you?
I do.  I love it because it’s big, bold and has a free spirit vibe, it’s fun and sexy.  When it’s time to be on … this style is most me.
Describe your experience with a texturizer .
NOT!!! what I expected.  I thought it would  loosen my natural curl pattern and  soften the texture.  However, I believe it was left in too long.  Also, some stylist have said it shouldn’t’ have been combed thru because that added to the straightening of the hair.  So it just looked like I had a relaxer.  Totally straight! I was not having that and decided to grow that out.

Please describe your hair routine (shampoo how often and so forth).
Well, I shampoo once a week and see my stylist once or twice a month for a deep condition.  I also will have a protein treatment about every 6 weeks.  We also keep the ends trimmed to promote healthy growth.  And because I am  an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay, I understand the power of using a complete line of products.  So I use all things needed in my hair care line.  The products are designed to work  together and Lord knows I need all things to work together for the good of this hair!!!
Deja & Poet Nikki Giovanni
What are some of your favorite hair and skin products?
Skin Care is easy. I became a Mary Kay consultant because I’m a “MK” junkie and needed get the products at cost (LOL).  I love the Microdermabrasin, Satin Hands & Satin Lips, the Lip glosses, and of course the skin care.  I will not leave home without My Mineral powder and Ultimate Mascara!
As for hair care, although I love Carol’s Daughter, especially because my hair is super coarse and thick, it takes too much shampoo to get the product out.  I have come to love Kera Care’s line and Design Essentials.  And since my stylist, who is an instructor at a Cosmetology School, uses Design, that’s what I use now.  In fact, Design has a new product for natural hair that we will be using soon.
Signature style
What projects have you been featured in?  Where can we hear you daily?
Lifetimes “Army Wives”, One Tree Hill and  the upcoming feature film “Little Red Wagon”
Listen for me  daily 10 A – 3 P on Z-93 Jamz in Charleston, SC
Does wearing your hair as you do affect your goals in broadcast media and the acting field ?
In what I call my meat and potatoes field right now – that being radio. My answer is no. In fact, it adds to my personality and style overall.  In my acting career I believe it does.  I have had to let go of the braids because it was not versatile enough.  My Fro is a bit too strong. However, it does receive a lot of  love.  But overall  my signature style has been a show stopper.  The thing is in the acting world you want to show just you and hair and makeup can sometime distract from that.
Dress: Original creation by Deja Dee

“Your hair is too nappy!” My first Big chop.

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I got my first BC (Big Chop) when I was in the second grade.  The relaxer of choice was the ever popular Vigorol Liquid Relaxer.  It wasn’t long before I started experiencing hair breakage.  Looking back on it I can’t really blame the total outcome on the product.  My mother really didn’t understand my hair, nor did she have the access to “What To Do” blogs back then.

The day my hair cut took place was OK.  The stylist told me my hair would grow back better than before.  And she suggested cute earrings and such.  Reality check: That following Monday at school I found myself sitting in the hallway crying.  My hair was too short for a girl.  And just too nappy  according to the boys that taunted me.

A few years later I found myself sporting a Jehri Curl.  You couldn’t tell me my hair wasn’t cute.  Plus the fact it grew more than it ever had.  I was happy.  That was until I paid a visit to my father’s house up North.  He hated my processed hair and offered me money to blow-dry it.   I did.  More breakage.

It wasn’t until sometime after high school that my views on hair changed.  It wasn’t that I  hated my hair in the past.  The fact is I was never taught to love it.  With age and a little extra wisdom.  Hair for me was just that –  hair.   I cut it boy short, weaved it,  relaxed it, colored it, grew locks to my back, relaxed it, sported an Afro and cut it again and so on and so on …

In September 2009 after sporting a weave that nearly drove me crazy because it just wasn’t me.  I decided I would transition into a natural hair style.  On the day I planned for my  coil twist with a pony in the back, I changed my mind and did the Big Chop instead.  I didn’t cry.  Or feel extremely emotional.  I do recall feeling free as I ran my fingers through my new do.

My hair routine is simple when it comes to products.  With my hair type moisture and protective styling is the  key to my hair success.  My  product list includes: Shea Butter,  vegetable glycerine, Jojoba Oil, Burt’s Shampoo and Conditioner, water , Henna and Natures Blessings.

The cool thing about being a natural are the doors that have been open to communication with other naturalistas like myself.  We talk in the grocery stores, the library and the park too.  It’s OUR personal choice for a natural hair journey that seems to connect us in a very unique way.  I love it!

Color your hair with HENNA

Color your hair with henna

Henna – Defined

1 : a reddish-brown dye obtained from leaves of the henna plant and used especially on hair
2: an Old World tropical shrub or small tree (Lawsonia inermis) of the loosestrife family with small opposite leaves and panicles of fragrant usually white flowers

Spring had just arrived as I was completely fed up with winter and it’s awful bite.  The year was 2007 a time that found me sporting a bob length, relaxed hair style.  I was feeling bored with my do so I decided after calling around on Edmond Lovelace (not his real name, I thought this fake one sounded kind of sexy).  He was charismatic, seemed to know everything about hair color  and cuts.  He didn’t!

The following day I had the worst head ache I could have imagined. I really thought something was physically wrong with me that required medical attention. I immediately made a doctor’s appointment after calling out from work – my hair really looked like “who done it and why?”

Prognosis: My body aliments was stress brought on by my worry and distress over my new do.  As for my hair I went to another salon for treatment and cut repair.  William applied shampoo and cleansed  my hair with hands of an angle.  He promised we would get my hair journey back on the right track.  He did.

The year 2010:  I refuse to use any permanent hair dye on my hair.  Especially products that call for the  lifting of my natural color first.  I am now strictly a Henna woman.

Henna does not lighten the hair it coats the strands and in essence adds color.  I am not endorsing any particular name brand.  I will suggest however, that you go to a health or wholes food store.  And by all means do your own research first.

Some avoid henna because they have heard tale of a messy application process.  I disagree.  In fact with some preparation I think you too will feel the same.  Below I’m listing some things you may not know about Henna when it comes to special effects found on my  Light Mountain Natural – hair & conditioner (dark brown) henna box:

I have noticed that my once very dark hair (appears black) has taken on a nice dark brown tone.  An effect that is more easily seen in natural sun light.  I have opted to do the henna process every six weeks or slightly longer.  I love the conditioning effect of the product and the fact that I am not chemically altering my natural hair.   I plan to color today and will be adding three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with the hopes of obtaining rich golden or copper  highlights.

Please leave your comments below and make sure you click “follow me on twitter.”  Thanks for the read.

Curl definition with KCCC

I was  first introduced to  Kinky – Curly  Curling Custard via one of my favorite sites known for information on natural hair and products.  I’ve viewed countless videos on how wonderful this natural styling gel is for natural hair.  Then I had a long conversation with  a woman I met at my child’s school and then after  a trip to health food store I pulled my debit card from my wallet.

Being somewhat on the  frugal side, I have to admit I don’t like the product pricing. I’ve rounded my purchase off to $17 dollars  for an eight  ounce jar.   But how could I refuse a miracle in a jar.  I too want my kinky coils to look good too.  I wasted no time after returning home with the gel and the accompanying/suggested conditioner.

According to the directions someone with thick coarse hair like mine should make sure the hair is dripping wet during the application process.  In the end I am not impressed with this product.  I don’t like the hair shrinkage or the sticky feel I got after applying perhaps more than needed after not seeing the results I hoped for.

My new natural sister from our kiddies school has great hair and the Kinky – Curly gel looks great on her coils.  Perhaps our hair textures aren’t that much a like as I guessed just from a visual inspection. I’m going to give this product another try once my hair is a little longer.  Maybe length will be the key.

“17.00 dollars!” That’s me doing my Chris Rock impersonation.  Do you know what I could have bought with that money?  Pull-ups for my child, some organic chicken, beans and rice and a glass of wine.  OK, I’m being dramatic.

For the frugal gals like myself.  When my hair was a little shorter I styled my hair with Fantasia IC Styling Gel ($3.99), Vegetable Glycerine , Jojoba  Oil and a brush.  The compliments were many (from both the men and women). And yes, my curl definition was awesome too.  Without the hard or sticky feel that can occur with some gels.

Would I suggest this product to  a friend?  Yes, one that was born with a loose wavy curl pattern.

Ingredients: botanical infusion of water, horsetail, chamomile, nettle and marshmallow, organic aloe vera juice, agave nectar extract, tocopheryl acetate (vitamin e), pectic, citric acid, potassium sorbate and natural fragrance

*NOTE- This product is designed to work alone but ultimate curl definition and length is said to be   achieved when used with KNOT TODAY as a leave-in conditioner.

Our trip to the barbershop

One of many blessing has been a baby boy.  When he came into this world he had a Mohawk already in the making.  He has worn an Afro, twist and now the Mohawk again.  I don’t see hair styling with him being an issue.  I will allow him to express himself as he grows and matures into man-hood.  Providing he never asks for an S-curl or any other similar product.

On our last trip to the barbershop we  spotted an injured butterfly outside.  We eventually placed him in a small tree and allowed nature to run it course.  Once inside it seemed we waited for ever for our turn in the chair to finally arrive.

Hair cut done.  I’m more than ready to go.  Not my son.  Watch the video below to see what happened.


I love my hair – Sesame Street rules.

When I first viewed this video I couldn’t help but think back to my childhood and the mental anguish that came with hair care.  Back then the best thing you could do was have your hair pressed or relaxed.  The goal was keeping the kitchen in order and the hairline as smooth as possible.   Little girls with hair like mine or similar in texture probably never whispered I love my hair let alone sang it out loud.

Sesame Street has a winner with the simple song featured in this video.  Little girls everywhere that have dreamed of hair not like their own can feel proud of their kinky, cotton like, wavy, curly and everything in between that is a far cry from bone straight.  Take a look for yourself.  Play it twice.  Sing along and pass it on.