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Imperfect locs: Free Form Journey











No sooner than I mentioned the plan was to Free Form my locs, self-doubt moved into my doom and set up shop.  How long will it take for my roots to grow out and start forming? Does this really look OK? Maybe I should continue with cultivating my locs.  All of those thoughts filled my head every time I looked in the mirror or happend to see someone on the street with the perfect locs.

The truth is I gave up and started twisting again.  Meanwhile I’m still not happy with my hair.  I don’t like the super neat look on me when it comes to my hair.  And on an occasion I will see a man with locs that have been sectioned off perfectly with neat uniformed locs growing from his scalp.  I find myself thinking that’s too much – he looks pretty.

I’ve been back on Youtube seeking out women that Free Form .  I found three that have inspired to stay the course (I will feature their videos in a future post).  Once again,  I’m declaring and embracing the Free Form method.  I  will shampoo when needed and try to keep my fingers out of my hair.

I will not let others opinion of my unkempt roots take me off course.  This is my hair.  No apologies or long explanations shall be provided  for those that feel I should explain my decision to let my hair do what it will naturally.

If you are a Free Former or no of one that might be of inspiration to others, please share the information in the comment section below.


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