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Pipe Cleaner Curls – short locs

My 2nd year anniversary post the BC (big chop) was right around mid-September. At that time I didn’t feel like writing about it, taking pictures or posting any videos to Youtube.  I realize my blogging needs more effort, so for the new coming year I plan to make a better effort when it comes to my updates.

Today, I’m sharing my personal experience with Pipe Cleaner Curls. Two words: Love It!  I have no idea why I didn’t try this style the first time I grew locks.  It is fairly simple and it looks cute on short, medium and long length locks. I have posted comments / questions on videos featuring women showcasing this style.  I have asked how well the curls held up after a workout at the gym.  To my surprise most have answered back that they don’t workout.

Side note: Your hair style should not keep you from participating in physical activity. We all need some form of exercise.  I have learned first hand, that the curls do hold up during intense physical training.  The results will probably vary depending on hair lengths.


Pipe Cleaner Set

Items use for my new style:

Pipe Cleaner Curls from Micheals (craft store), also available at Walmart.

LottaBody Setting Lotions from Sally’s Beauty Supply or Foam (optional) 

Spray bottle to hold liquid mixture (setting lotion and water)

Standard hooded Dryer

(Day #1) Light finger comb

I ended up using brown Pipe Cleaners because I couldn’t find any black ones in stock.  Although the material on the cleaners don’t shed much.  I had a little concern that loose fiber would show up in my hair if I failed to remove any of it.  To eliminate that possibility, I also rinsed my cleaners before introducing them to my natural hair.

The Steps:

* Fold the Pipe Cleaners in 1/2 and form what looks like a needle head on the closed end (after bending)

* Rinse Pipe Cleaners and squeeze excess water (no need to dry)

Shampoo & Condition the hair

Apply diluted setting lotion to hair sections (see bottle instructions)

Wrap each lock (I used up to three on each Pipe Cleaner), thicker hair may look better with less (1 to 2).  Note: wrap the hair around the cleaner starting close to the end that resembling the head of a needle for easier removal later. I didn’t use  any specific pattern. The style is basically a roller set without the rollers.

Once  the Pipe Cleaner set is complete sit under a hooded dryer for faster drying time (optional).  I wore my Pipe Cleaners over night with a satin cap.  The following morning I removed the Pipe Cleaners and finger styled.

Update: Day #5 photos (just after workout) 

Day #5 Side view

My locks were started with the finger twist method. I didn’t do the traditional parting with a comb.  I now use essential oils for re-twisting. Every now and then I may twist with Jane Carters Twist & Lock Cream.  If you have any  other questions, please post them  below.  Don’t forget to share this article via the share buttons below.  Thank you for supporting this blog and please come back again soon. Stay up to date with natural hair journey blog post via my Twitter  page or subscribe to this blog now.