Naturally Free

Once again I have embraced my natural hair. Meaning I am not going to apply anything to my hair that will alter its kinky, tightly coiled texture. I don’t knock the weaves and relaxers for those that choose to go that route. However, those styling options no longer represent how I feel about myself. One of the last times I did the BC (Big Chop) was in the mid 90’s. Eventually I grew locks and adopted a vegetarian life style. Both choices just occurred “naturally.”

Years later I was back on a path of battling my natural roots with chemicals.  The results were the same. Hair breakage, scalp burns, long hours at the salon and wasted money. The diet went out the window too. That started with a little chicken served at a friend’s house. And before long I was eating without considering the long-term effects.

In September 2009 I cut the relaxer from my hair and started the natural journey that I’m now telling you about. Hence the reason for this blog. I plan to share my experiences with you as they relate to natural hair and it’s styling, food options, physical fitness, spiritual wellness and life in general. While at the same time, I hope that you too will join the conversation and share also.


Celebrating the beauty of the black woman's natural hair, mind & body.

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