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A chance to meet other naturals just like yourself.

FreeForm locs: Mother Natures touch



From earlier post it was clear that I was in the middle of a serious hair struggle. I twisted my hair, allowed someone to use a latch on my hair , combined all my locs and uncombined them … too much drama!!!

After cutting my hair off in November 2012 and utilizing the towel rub method for about two – weeks I finally found myself on the right path.

Today, honey watch out! I love my hair! I shampoo, dry and go. No more twisting, no gel, no wax. I let go and let God have control.

Note: my locs are all different sizes, grow flat and sometimes try to marry at the root – I separate to avoid congos. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to express yourself.

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Free Form Locs: Photo slide show

Now that I am on a Free Form Loc journey, I find myself searching the net for others that have already embraced this method of growing locs.  Last night I gathered a few pictures for your viewing pleasure too.  Press play now:

Kim Coles 9-month Anniversary

Actress and Comedian Kim Coles is celebrating her 9th natural hair anniversary this month.  I like many others have wondered how Coles was able to maintain  a healthy looking  hairline after wearing micro-braids for 20 years.  See the answer that she gave in the comment section of her natural hair VBlog:

“Folks have asked me about this. First of all, my braider was careful not to use a lot of hair at my edges. Next I did a LOT of touchups/rebraiding the area every few weeks so that the edges never got too old thereby allowing extension hair to hang and stress MY own hair. And lastly I tried not to pull too tight when i styled. My edges are not perfect, but I thankfully in pretty good shape.”

Kim Coles on Twitter.  You find me on Twitter too.

Naturallistas In The Spotlight: Rachelle Ferrell

Rachelle Ferrell

This blog post features singer Rachelle Ferrell. Since seeing her performance on the Apollo some years ago I have been in awe of her ability to use her voice as an instrument to make music.

If you missed the live performance. Make sure you check out the video via the link provided.  At the time her hair looked relaxed  or maybe pressed straight.


At last check Ferrell is rocking her hair in its natural state so that is why I choose to feature her as apart of my Naturalistas In The Spotlight series.  I checked for her official website  just before sitting down to write this article.  As of now it is a work in progress.  You can go there for tour information or check her out on Facebook.


Check out the video below.  It features Rachelle Ferrell, Ledisi (a loc rocker) and Kelly Price freestyling  in the name of music and sisterhood.  True talent at its best.  Press play now to experience the magic.


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Ti’s Hair Is Afro’licious











I was leaving Wal-Mart today when I saw this woman with a big Afro enter.   I asked cautiously is your hair real?  She smiled and told me yes.  During our brief chat I confessed that I was a little frustrated, “I want big hair too.”

Ti, as I would later learn was her name told me that moisture was the key to her beautiful hair. She told me that she does regular hot oil treatments and uses products by Organic Root Stimulator (Olive oil and hair mayonnaise).

Right now I’m rocking baby coils. They look good and have me thinking about locking my hair again.  After meeting Ti I think I will wait just a little while longer before making that commitment.

Ti before entering the store told me not to return to relaxer.  I guess I came off like I was really about to give up on being natural.  Never that.  However, I do appreciate her concern.  “Hey Ti, thanks for posing for the camera.”

Introducing "Natural Beauty" Ti

Introducing naturalista: Channyboo9023

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Why and when did you do the big chop?

I always wanted to know what my “real” hair looked like.  Unlike myself,  most people seem to have tons of pictures of their hair before pressing and relaxing.

I started getting my hair straightened at an early age (probably about age 3).  All through high school I was the girl with the pretty hair.  It was just past my shoulders, thick, and well taken care of by yours truly.

However, I still wanted to know what I really looked like and what was so wrong with my hair that I “needed” a relaxer.  So after my graduation in May 08 I transitioned with braids, rod sets, and twist outs for six months.  On November 22, 2008 I decided I was ready to ditch my relaxed ends.

My mom tried to help me (BIg Chop) but she punked out on my half way through. So I took an emergency trip to my cousin’s hair salon to finish my BC.  When she turned me around in the chair I saw myself for first time as I truly am – how I feel.  I  never felt more beautiful in my life and I will never forget that moment.

What is the general attitude of your friends and family since you embarked on the natural journey?

Everyone loves my hair now (smile).  They’re always amazed at how versatile I am with my hair and that makes me feel good.  My granny would prefer me to wear my hair straight but I think she’s getting used to the idea that I just am not fond of that style anymore.

My mom was iffy at first but now she’s like my hair’s personal bodyguard if anyone starts talkin’ smack.  At the end of the day I’m happy with my appearance and that’s the most important thing.

What are some of your hair do’s and don’t(s)?


Deep conditioning

Moisturizing and sealing

Finger detangling with LOTS of conditioner

using cones

Shampooing when needed

Trimming when my hair tells me its time (ratty ends, hard detangling session)


Too much blow drying (leads to split ends)

Not taking my time to detangle thoroughly

Trying to make my hair do things it isn’t in the mood for

Has wearing your hair in its natural state affected you professionally?

No, I have not experienced disapproval in the work place or at the predominantly white institution that I attend.  While at the same time  I never “hide” my hair when I go on interviews, as long I look pulled together that’s all that matters.

Describe your signature hair style.

I guess the best way to describe it would be Funky Sophistication.  I tend to do a lot of up dos. I love the glamorous look (I draw a lot of inspiration from old movies on TCM).  At the same time I LOVE my chunk twistouts and braidouts, they highlight the funky side of my hair styling.

Naturalista’s Everywhere – “Say Cheese.”

Since returning to my natural roots September 2009 I tend to notice  more and more women rocking naturals. Everything from the TWA’s to sassy braids to hair styled neatly in Two Strand Twist or Baby Coils.

Over the weekend while attending the Museum of Life and Science I ran into this girl wearing baby Bantu Knots.  Her hair looked awesome and I told her so.  Later I thought, next time take a picture.  And that’s what I did the following day.  While shopping with my son at Target I noticed a sister with a cool hair style.  That time I didn’t hesitate to ask if I could snap a picture.  She said yes.

By the way I learned that this type of thing has happened to her before. I guess when you have it going on naturally you just do.   This naturalists wrote down information for her  Youtube  page.  I am sad to say I can not find it.  I will keep searching.  In the meantime, enjoy the photos.

UPDATE : Her name is Niche.  Visit her on Youtube @NapturallyFit .

Deja Dee: Naturalista, Actress & Radio talent

Naturalista Deja Dee
Do you have a signature style?  Why does it appeal to you?
I do.  I love it because it’s big, bold and has a free spirit vibe, it’s fun and sexy.  When it’s time to be on … this style is most me.
Describe your experience with a texturizer .
NOT!!! what I expected.  I thought it would  loosen my natural curl pattern and  soften the texture.  However, I believe it was left in too long.  Also, some stylist have said it shouldn’t’ have been combed thru because that added to the straightening of the hair.  So it just looked like I had a relaxer.  Totally straight! I was not having that and decided to grow that out.

Please describe your hair routine (shampoo how often and so forth).
Well, I shampoo once a week and see my stylist once or twice a month for a deep condition.  I also will have a protein treatment about every 6 weeks.  We also keep the ends trimmed to promote healthy growth.  And because I am  an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay, I understand the power of using a complete line of products.  So I use all things needed in my hair care line.  The products are designed to work  together and Lord knows I need all things to work together for the good of this hair!!!
Deja & Poet Nikki Giovanni
What are some of your favorite hair and skin products?
Skin Care is easy. I became a Mary Kay consultant because I’m a “MK” junkie and needed get the products at cost (LOL).  I love the Microdermabrasin, Satin Hands & Satin Lips, the Lip glosses, and of course the skin care.  I will not leave home without My Mineral powder and Ultimate Mascara!
As for hair care, although I love Carol’s Daughter, especially because my hair is super coarse and thick, it takes too much shampoo to get the product out.  I have come to love Kera Care’s line and Design Essentials.  And since my stylist, who is an instructor at a Cosmetology School, uses Design, that’s what I use now.  In fact, Design has a new product for natural hair that we will be using soon.
Signature style
What projects have you been featured in?  Where can we hear you daily?
Lifetimes “Army Wives”, One Tree Hill and  the upcoming feature film “Little Red Wagon”
Listen for me  daily 10 A – 3 P on Z-93 Jamz in Charleston, SC
Does wearing your hair as you do affect your goals in broadcast media and the acting field ?
In what I call my meat and potatoes field right now – that being radio. My answer is no. In fact, it adds to my personality and style overall.  In my acting career I believe it does.  I have had to let go of the braids because it was not versatile enough.  My Fro is a bit too strong. However, it does receive a lot of  love.  But overall  my signature style has been a show stopper.  The thing is in the acting world you want to show just you and hair and makeup can sometime distract from that.
Dress: Original creation by Deja Dee

Meet Felicia: Natural hair spotlight

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Describe your hair care journey during childhood. This may sound sad to you all, but I have no memory of being natural at all during my childhood. I can remember my hair pressed and then around age 7 or so my Mom decided it would’ve been cool for me to have a Jheri Curl. After my Jheri Curl phase it was relaxer on top of relaxer. Needless to say chemicals were the back bone of my hair maintenance and while I didn’t think this was a big deal back then I now realize how damaged my hair must have been. I continued to relax threw out the years only stopping during my pregnancies..I often think “Man, if I would’ve kept on going without a perm at that time, my hair would be awesome by”. But you can only learn from your own mistakes. 

Did you Big Chop or transition into your natural hair ?

I transitioned for 6 1/2 months before doing my BC 12/26/09. I woke up the day after Christmas ready, but no salons were open and I was afraid I may chicken out if I waited any longer so I did it myself and went to the barber a few days later to have it shaped.

Have you experienced any work place, family or friend  backlash since going natural?

Since I work at home, I never had to come face to face with others opinions of my decision. Other than going to the school or grocery shopping, no one ever saw me. My mom is natural, my husband loved the idea but I did have some friends throw the “Dashiki” joke at me one time, I just blew it off. The area I live in is predominately white and a lot of them thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. Even to this day when I’m out with my Mom and daughter’s..they compliment of how curly and pretty our hair is…go figure?

Please describe your current style (featured in photo) and how you achieved it.

Since I’m no stylist and my hair still isn’t quite long enough to style the way I want it, my basic  styles are twist and mini twist pulled into whichever way I can get them. These particular set of twist I did on wet hair so they are a little shrunken. I co-washed as normal, applied olive oil and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing  Smoothie and twisted.

* If you have young girls in your life please describe the hair relationship.

This question brings tears to my eyes because the vicious cycle that is ignorance had me do the same to my daughter that my Mom did to me. At 6 yrs old, I put a texture softener in my oldest daughters hair because I could not “manage it” and it all went downhill from there. 1 year later I just relaxed her fully because her hair is really thick and coarse and I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t know of any communities that helped with this kind of thing and I combed her hair dry most of the time, causing her a great deal of pain. I remember when she was in girl scouts a natural mom who had dreads at the time grew quite agitated with me after asking if I relaxed her hair and I said yes it’s “easier” now. If only she had advised me on what to do before hand..I would have never done it. Now 10 yrs old, she has gone 100% natural again (having done her bc shortly after mine) and is looking forward to the day she can wear wash and go’s. My 5-year-old is the luck one of the group because now I know whats needed to  keep up her beautiful coily locs of hair.


Sam is a natural woman.

Please detail the reason for “returning”  to your natural textured hair.

The birth of my 1st daughter was the spark that ignited my return to my natural root.  It may sound simple but I was in awe at the sight of her silky-soft coils.  My hair was first relaxed around the age of
3 years old so I did not know much about black hair in its natural state. As the weeks turned into months and I noticed my little one watching me more intently during make up applications and hair curling/washing etc. It dawned on me that I would be her 1st standard of beauty.  Wow!  What a huge
responsibility.  I realized that soon she would want her hair to flow down her back and blow in the wind just like Mommy’s.  For the first time I was forced to deal with MY HAIR ISSUES.

I remember being dropped off at a little yellow hair shop in Jacksonville, North Carolina.  The woman seemed nice enough, she smiled at me and  helped my toddler sized body into a salon chair.  Before long she said in a grandiose voice, ” Whew, this baby’s hair sure is knotty.” I left the shop that day with straight hair and a broken spirit.  I now realize I have to do better by my own children than those before me.  As the years passed I realized my self-esteem was tied to my hair. If it wasn’t bone straight I didn’t feel pretty.

I asked myself why had I relaxed my hair every 4-6 weeks for the last 26 years.  I could only think of lame reasons like: I always had, it would be “knotty” if I didn’t , or I wouldn’t know what to do with it.  After
realizing that I had no good reason for altering what God thought was beautiful,  I knew I had to begin the inward change of loving, appreciating, and respecting the real me.  Once that personal  challenge had begun it was easy to move forward with the outward change.











How did your family and friends react to your decision?

Most of my family did not approve of my decision to “go natural”.   My oldest sister was the only exception and has recently gone natural as well. Once I had made up my mind to go natural I did not care what anyone had to say.   My Dad would touch my afro and say things like, “you’re killing me”. My mother was upset because  she feared she would never see my hair straight and long again.  As time went on they eventually started to come around. My Dad now showers me with compliment when I wear my blow out style.

My Mom buys holiday cards featuring women with afro’s or naturals and she only buys dolls for my daughter that mirror natural textures. A lot of the same friends that I shared jars of relaxer with in my college dorm days have also decided to let go of the stigma that kinky hair is bad hair and they too have embraced their natural textures.

Describe your cleansing and styling routine.

When I wear my curly wash and go ‘fro I condition my hair daily with Kinky Curly Knot Today conditioner, apply Kinky Curly Curling Custard, give it a light picking, and finish with a head band or decorative hair pins.  I wash my hair once a week with Kinky Curly Shampoo.

What have you learned about yourself since opting to go natural?

I feel free to do all the things I didn’t do before because I didn’t want to mess up the hair I had just dropped 120 bills on.  Water sports, working out, and playing in the rain with my daughter are a few of the things I love to do.  Going natural has simplified my life as I no longer feel enslaved to my hair.  The for the first time in my life I see that I truly am not my hair.  I guess India Arie was on to something!  Life my friends is good!

Are you happy with your natural hair texture?

I love, love, love it!!!

If your daughters want to relax their hair will you allow it?  What will you say  to guide them in the right direction?

My goal is to build my daughters self-esteem and self-worth.  I tell the oldest often that I love her hair and that it is beautiful. I hope both my girls will always wear natural hair.  However, if when they are 15 or 16 years of age and they want to relax it I will allow them to find their own way hoping their relaxer phase does not last too long as mine did.  LOL.