Starting Over: The Big Chop











Around mid November I cut my hair, after finding I could not come to terms with the knots formed in my hair after interlocking.    The sad thing is that I’d  done research on this method of maintaining and or combining  locs.  From what I read I knew it was something I never wanted to try on my hair.  However, I went with the flow after it was suggested that perhaps my individual locs were too small.  Everyday I would look in the mirror and see the mistake I made in going against my instincts.  As opposed to growing my hair out and cutting just above the knots – I opted for the big chop.

Today, I can say I’m completely happy with my loc journey.  I do not twist, interlock, palm roll or use any other method available when it comes to maintaining locs.  I’m officially a Free Former.  I shampoo my hair every two days with clear shampoos.  I do not use commercial conditioners.  When I  feel as though my hair  needs extra moisture, I use whole leaf Aloe Vera gel as a pre-poo.  No oils, wax or  commercial gels.  For me less is more.  At night I sleep on a satin pillow case, although I’ve heard some free formers say they sleep on regular cotton pillow cases.  I find that makes my hair unhappy and dry to the touch.

Now you maybe wondering what kind of responses I get walking around without doing something to my hair.  Surprisingly, the response has been great.  It could be in part because I own my choice.  I never apologize for the decision I made to wear my hair this way.  I love my hair.

A family member kept saying she didn’t like my hair every time she saw me.  Once I told that person I didn’t like their hair choice either. Case closed.  There is also this guy that I workout with sometime.  He doesn’t like my hair.  He is someone very concerned with what others think.  He said recently that I would look great with cultivated locs.  After I told him that’s not what I wanted … he let that conversation go.  At the end of the day it is not my job to worry about what others think about me or my hair.  When I tell you, someone say’s I like or love your hair every week – it is the truth!  I hope this helps you in decision to free form your locs or however you decide to rock your natural hair.

Foot note: After I cut my hair and did a shampoo, I took a small hand towel and dried my hair in a circular motion.  This in turn formed small loc clusters. I did this for a couple of weeks before my hair started to tangle and do its own thing.  This is often times referred to as the rub or towel method.

I’m working out quite a bit these days.  I have a goal in mind, plus I know fitness is very important for us all.   I plan to share some of my physical journey in  future post.  Until then, meet me on Twitter or click LIKE on my natural hair Facebook page (find the link on the home page).

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