Imperfect locs: Free Form Journey











No sooner than I mentioned the plan was to Free Form my locs, self-doubt moved into my doom and set up shop.  How long will it take for my roots to grow out and start forming? Does this really look OK? Maybe I should continue with cultivating my locs.  All of those thoughts filled my head every time I looked in the mirror or happend to see someone on the street with the perfect locs.

The truth is I gave up and started twisting again.  Meanwhile I’m still not happy with my hair.  I don’t like the super neat look on me when it comes to my hair.  And on an occasion I will see a man with locs that have been sectioned off perfectly with neat uniformed locs growing from his scalp.  I find myself thinking that’s too much – he looks pretty.

I’ve been back on Youtube seeking out women that Free Form .  I found three that have inspired to stay the course (I will feature their videos in a future post).  Once again,  I’m declaring and embracing the Free Form method.  I  will shampoo when needed and try to keep my fingers out of my hair.

I will not let others opinion of my unkempt roots take me off course.  This is my hair.  No apologies or long explanations shall be provided  for those that feel I should explain my decision to let my hair do what it will naturally.

If you are a Free Former or no of one that might be of inspiration to others, please share the information in the comment section below.

6 thoughts on “Imperfect locs: Free Form Journey”

  1. “And on an occasion I will see a man with locs that have been sectioned off perfectly with neat uniformed locs growing from his scalp. I find myself thinking that’s too much – he looks pretty.” Sis- I see that and think to myself the same thing. To each is own but I’m on my second set of locs.. First were from 2001-2006. I did a bunch of styles in between, and have started again- I’ve two strand twisted and haven’t done a thing but wash since then. Stay the course Queen…

    1. Its been a long time since I have checked out my own blog. It seems some activity has been occurring without me. Hence the reason for my making the return. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and please visit again.

  2. HI! I just came across your blog and I wanted to say that I freeform. I’ve been natural since 1999 when I did a big chop and proceded to rock a cesear until growing out a twa to start my locs. I had my first set of locs for 4 years (may 2001-nov 2005) and never cultivated them from the beginning. After cutting them and waiting about a year I started a new set with braids on about 3 inches of hair, I latch hooked them 3 or 4 times in the first 6 months and realized it just wasn’t my thing and haven’t done anything but wash, moisturize, and occasionally separate them since then and they are strong and healthy.

    1. Your hair looks great in your profile picture. You described a journey that many experience. It feels so good when you find your happy / comfort zone with your hair. BTW thank you for checking out my blog.

      1. Thank you! Hair is coming along great, it’s gotten long enough that I’m finally looking into ways to style it besides ponytails and so thick/heavy I often rethink my desire to leave it at waist length, lol.

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