Head Wraps: If momma can do it so can you











It was on a visit to New York many years ago, that I learned how to do  head wraps. At the time my focus was on what some may refer to as the Erykah Badu wraps. Up North it wasn’t a big deal seeing a woman with a piece of fabric adorning her head. Down South I experienced  people whispering loudly, “I didn’t know Badu was gonna be here.”  Those words expressed by another concert goer like myself. Then there was the time I was in a fabric shop when I overheard something about Badu and the giggles that followed.

For a while now I have felt bored and uninspired behind the lack of hair styling options available for my short locs. I can twist them down and pin them up but I’m trying to avoid any unnecessary hair stress until I have more length.

My mom, a 62 year-old naturalista, resistant to changed shocked me recently by revealing a head wrap she’d done herself. She told me she learned how to wrap her hair via the natural hair community on Youtube.

Long story short, I have started wrapping my hair again when I feel the need for change. This may good for you too if you are transitioning, growing locs or you are someone who simply likes having options.

Head wrapping is fairly easy if you don’t over think it. I have found it frustrating at times while seeking the perfect wrap. Those time when I just grab (the fabric) and just do it, the outcome is most fabulous. Note: The fabric you use doesn’t have to cost you a lot at the checkout counter.  Experiment and use the colors and textures that make you happy.  I have read where some people wrap their heads with T-shirts and skirts.  It all depends on your imagination and willingness to try.

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