Naturallistas In The Spotlight: Rachelle Ferrell

Rachelle Ferrell

This blog post features singer Rachelle Ferrell. Since seeing her performance on the Apollo some years ago I have been in awe of her ability to use her voice as an instrument to make music.

If you missed the live performance. Make sure you check out the video via the link provided.  At the time her hair looked relaxed  or maybe pressed straight.


At last check Ferrell is rocking her hair in its natural state so that is why I choose to feature her as apart of my Naturalistas In The Spotlight series.  I checked for her official website  just before sitting down to write this article.  As of now it is a work in progress.  You can go there for tour information or check her out on Facebook.


Check out the video below.  It features Rachelle Ferrell, Ledisi (a loc rocker) and Kelly Price freestyling  in the name of music and sisterhood.  True talent at its best.  Press play now to experience the magic.


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