Coffee & Black Tea Rinses for natural hair

In my search for an outlet that stocks PURE Henna I discovered most of us have what we need in our kitchen to dye our hair darker naturally.  Or cover those bothersome gray strands.   I have used Henna on several occasions.  I like the product I used however I now question its purity (maybe a Compound Henna).
From what I have read if the Henna packaging is offering a various shades (i.e., mahogany or auburn) hidden ingredients may be included that could prove harmful to the user in the form of an allergic reaction.
While at the same time Henna itself is a major commitment if you are someone who still wants to dabble in commercial hair dyes. From what I have read you either have to grow the hair out  and/or cut it off ( only if you have become the victim of a Compound Henna) to go ahead with a chemical process that will actually change the color of your hair – unlike Henna that only coats the hair.
This past weekend armed with the knowledge that Coffee and or Black Tea would allow me to dye my hair a darker shade I headed to the grocery store. This method of adding color to my hair is cost effective: Coffee  $5.69 / Black Tea – $1.97 and no worries about hidden ingredients in products “claiming to be” natural.
Brew your coffee and allow it to cool to luke warm.
Rinse mixture through  freshly shampooed hair 15-20 times (I held my head over the sink and used a bowl to catch the liquid and transfer it back to my pouring bowl – seek the assistance of a friend)
Leave the last rinse in your hair for 30 minuets (don’t wrap your hair in a towel as this will absorb the coffee & tea from your hair.  Squeeze as much as you can from the hair, then apply a plastic cap).
Rinse, shampoo& condition (I didn’t condition because I am growing new locs).
*Follow same steps for Black Tea (I combined the two).
The exact amount of coffee depends on the length and thickness of your hair.  The goal is to completely saturated the hair from root to tips.
Avoid using instant coffee since it may contain additives that can damage your hair or lead to an allergic reaction.
Keep in mind Coffee and Black Tea can stain your towels & other equipment (bowls).
Via my twitter address I tweeted links to natural hair rinse recipes follow me now to check those out and other natural tips that I come across. Find me on Facebook too.

2 thoughts on “Coffee & Black Tea Rinses for natural hair”

  1. I have that stubborn gray around the edge and the center of my hair I. Am going to try this thanks

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