Growing LOCS: I know more now.

In the second month of growing my locs I have learned a few things about my hair and how I plan to maintain it.  If you have some pointers please feel free to post them.

1. Less is more when it comes to oil application for my hair.  I have decided to add my oil mixtures immediately after the shampooing and twisting process.  I discovered anything extra seems to weigh my hair down and make it feel “not so clean,” during the week. Especially after working out or something.

2. Hair clips are out the window in my styling process.  I never really liked using them or the time it took to place them in my hair during the twisting process.  Call me lazy.  While watching a video on Youtube I discovered twisting, grouping and banding a few all in one bunch for the drying process (see the video below).

3.  Flat-twist styling is the way to go for the minimal hair styling I do now.  I’ve done some twisting like braiding (close to the head) during month two.However, that technique left my new locs looking supper flat and stressed after removal.  The flat-twisting seems like less stress on hair that is still going through the locking phase (new locs).  Plus it is easier to roll from one style to the next without looking like I’ve been zapped by lighting.

4.  Aloe-Vera gel really is a friend to my hair.  I tried the Lock-N-Twist gel on my twist.  It serves it purpose but I find no matter how little I use I still experience some flaking and that itchy feeling as the days go by.

5. No color for me (for now).  I used henna a while back.  I wanted to go brighter.  The only way I can do that now is to cut my hair (the sections with the henna) or proceed and risk damage.

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