Naturally speaking

I was watching the Tyra Banks show the other day.  The topic was hair and how to style it.  The featured guest said that longer hair started with coils for locking tended to loc faster or something along those lines.

I started my first set of  locs on short hair.  Every time I washed (once a week) my hair would unravel into a soft Afro.  Then one day my tiny coils remained intact after my cleansing ritual.  I didn’t know anything about growing locs.  I was learning as they grew.  So it shocks me now to watch video’s with women and men celebrating the fact that they have made it two and three months without cleansing their scalp and hair  (not a good practice at all).

This time around when I coiled my hair and shampooed a week later the ends of my hair remained intact and only fluffed at the roots.  Leaving me to believe that a bit of length might be better than starting super short.  But then again, growing locs is different from one head to the next.

I’m quickly approaching my two month mark.  I will be posting a new video that highlights my progress.  Via the video below you can find my YouTube Page and subscribe now for future updates.

Today’s video is a day in my life after shampoo.  Click play.  Rate, Subscribe, comment and enjoy.

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