Growing Locs: My hair journey

My natural hair journey has taken a ‘twist’ and turn since my last update.  I have officially decided to grow my second set of locks.  From an earlier post I mentioned when ever I styled my hair in baby coils I found myself thinking about locking my hair again.

When I wore locks I truly enjoyed them.  Why did I cut them off?  Well that is a story in itself.  One I may share later on down the road. Including the little known fact that I paid to have my cut locs sewn back on shortly after I chopped them off.

May 27th will mark two-months since I have been on my new loc journey .  I admit this time around is testing my patience because I have knowledge of the (end) result (so to speak) and now I workout  a lot so the hair care is really an issue in terms of my coils unraveling at the root.

Some have suggested  interlocking.  I not sure that’s for me or my hair. Time will tell. Below I have posted a video highlighting my decision to grow locs again and products used.

Questions for you ????

1. Have you grown locs before and cut or took them down later?

2. What methods are you using to keep up your locs?

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