Let ’em talk – Rock yo’ natural hair.

Not long ago I met a young woman who is a wig wearer.  She told me that the hair beneath is in its natural state.  After seeing her a few more times I asked when she was going to reveal her natural hair.  She confessed she isn’t ready.  I have empathy for black women that act like something is wrong with their hair or they have to build some Super Woman strength to just be themselves.

Teaching us to hate our hair, facial features and anyone with a shade of black that was too dark began many years ago.  Then of course within our own families we have men and women that frown when we choice to wear our hair in its natural state ( Afro, twist, braids  and locs).   Self-hate is just like a disease eating away at our spirit and mental being.

The wig wearer has also confided that she has a daughter that has questioned her about her hair choices.  I wonder if it is hard for a mother to teach her daughter to love her hair (herself) when she is displaying some self-doubt.

Some might say I’m being judgemental and hair style is a choice and nothing more.  This is not  an argument against someone who wants relax, weave, bleach or wave it.  I agree it is a choice at the end of the day.  The problem is when the person making the choice feels and acts as if there is something wrong with the hair God blessed them with.

The other day I saw this same sista’ wearing a black head wrap.  She look awesome even though she hadn’t worked up that nerve to let her natural texture see the light of day.  During our conversations I got the feeling that she felt as though I was judging her and that is far from the truth.  Bottom line if someone wants to talk natural hair with me, I get excited.  It is not my intention to offend or convert others to the natural hair team.  However,  if the door to the conversation opens I will gladly step through and share my experience of how and why I journeyed back to my natural roots.

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