Ti’s Hair Is Afro’licious











I was leaving Wal-Mart today when I saw this woman with a big Afro enter.   I asked cautiously is your hair real?  She smiled and told me yes.  During our brief chat I confessed that I was a little frustrated, “I want big hair too.”

Ti, as I would later learn was her name told me that moisture was the key to her beautiful hair. She told me that she does regular hot oil treatments and uses products by Organic Root Stimulator (Olive oil and hair mayonnaise).

Right now I’m rocking baby coils. They look good and have me thinking about locking my hair again.  After meeting Ti I think I will wait just a little while longer before making that commitment.

Ti before entering the store told me not to return to relaxer.  I guess I came off like I was really about to give up on being natural.  Never that.  However, I do appreciate her concern.  “Hey Ti, thanks for posing for the camera.”

Introducing "Natural Beauty" Ti

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