Naturalista’s Everywhere – “Say Cheese.”

Since returning to my natural roots September 2009 I tend to notice  more and more women rocking naturals. Everything from the TWA’s to sassy braids to hair styled neatly in Two Strand Twist or Baby Coils.

Over the weekend while attending the Museum of Life and Science I ran into this girl wearing baby Bantu Knots.  Her hair looked awesome and I told her so.  Later I thought, next time take a picture.  And that’s what I did the following day.  While shopping with my son at Target I noticed a sister with a cool hair style.  That time I didn’t hesitate to ask if I could snap a picture.  She said yes.

By the way I learned that this type of thing has happened to her before. I guess when you have it going on naturally you just do.   This naturalists wrote down information for her  Youtube  page.  I am sad to say I can not find it.  I will keep searching.  In the meantime, enjoy the photos.

UPDATE : Her name is Niche.  Visit her on Youtube @NapturallyFit .


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