Raphael Saadiq: New Video ~ Good Man

Last night I was looking for information on YaYA DaCosta (America’s Next Top Model).  I was curious to know if her hair remains in a natural state or if she had relaxed it.  My question remains unanswered.  However, I came across the new video for Raphael Saadiq’s: Good Man.   It stars none other than YaYa and “Mr. why you sexy like that,” Chad Coleman (HBO’s The Wire).

As you will see the story involves the tale of a couple with different desires for wealth and status, betrayal and sacrifice. I love it !!!

Check for Saadiq’s new project in stores March 22, 2011


2 thoughts on “Raphael Saadiq: New Video ~ Good Man”

    1. I think I saw her in a television commercial for JC Penny or one of the other major department stores. That hair style appeared to be a wig. I know they can press the hair straight. But that’s not all that great in the end.

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