Great Grandma used to love us all.  If she didn’t say it.  You could hear it in her smile.  She made frozen treats and sold them for a few cents but they were always free when we came running.  Great Grandma could also crochet. I had forgotten the fact she  would take up needles and make something beautiful – most often roses.

It was during a trip to her daughter’s home (my other Grandma) that I spotted several crocheted red roses.  My grandma gave me two roses and my mother sent me two more. All of which created more than 20 years ago by a special woman.

Being the Twitter junkie that I am.  I have come across some wonderful information that I want to share with you.  One of my followers @KnottyNIche has the magic touch when it comes to crochet designs.

On her personal site you will find that you she creates the most wonderful, eye-catching and unique crochet hats and earrings. I am particularly fond of the Beanie hat/with flower.  The great thing is that you can pick the colors that suit you and the items are reasonable priced.  Considering the time and energy that goes into the individual designs. But don’t take my word.  Click the link above for Knotty Niche’s site and decided for yourself.

*All photos featured are that of Knotty Niche – Creative Crochet Designs.

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