Comedian & Actress: Kim Coles V-blogs about her #NaturalHair

While checking out my twitter time line I came across a post that contained a link to the natural community on  I immediately retweeted the original post and clicked the link that it contained. See the post below:

AuNaturale6710 Luv her!! too funny 🙂 @kimcoles Kim Coles Natural Hair Journey Part 3: The Journey Begins via @youtube #naturalhair12:02 AM Feb 3rd via Tweet ButtonRetweeted by you (@alysseStewart)

If you missed the news Kim Coles has removed her braids and is now sporting her natural hair.  And has joined the many women like myself that V-blog about our natural hair journey.  Coles is naturally revealing and funny too.  The last time I checked her page she had a total of 19 videos posted for your viewing pleasuring.  I have included one of her videos in this entry.  If you like what you see and hear log on to YouTube and check her out.

For those that might be asking why it is that Kim Coles, myself and many others have taken to the internet to share our hair journeys.  I have to say the reasons are many based on the fact that we are many people with different hair types and beliefs about our hair.  One of the main reasons is to inspire others to return to their natural roots.  While others seem to enjoy sharing styling tips, product reviews and the bond that is occurring within our  growing community.

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