Hair PIZZAZ with flower accessories -so sexy!!

Black rose
Flower power












Happy holidays naturalistas and those considering the natural journey.  As I share these very words with you I am waiting for my mother to download pictures from the Christmas holiday.  Especially the few snapshots she took of my hair adorned with a black artificial rose.  It was an accessory loaned to me by my niece.  It really looked good in my twist-out (the best one yet).  Probably better than good seeing how my niece told me twice, “I want my rose back.”  Between you and I the thought  she should have said “Auntie, I see how much you love it, you can have it.”  Eventually she did say something similar but it wasn’t heartfelt – she loves the rose just as much as I do.

I made a trip to the store that she told me about to buy it for myself  only to find  the establishment wouldn’t be open that day.  Later I search the mall but found myself feeling less than impressed with the one store that featured flowers. Their stock included mainly flat and spreading flowers and I found their merchandise not worth the listed ticket price. Considering the one I loved was only two bucks.   Wal-Mart has some choices but not that awesome rose.  And here again, I find their hair accessories  over priced in general.

When I go back home, I will return to the spot and hook myself up with the black rose and some other colors too.  Like brown or lavender or even a soft peach color.   In the meantime I may have to try my luck at making  flower accessories. The inspiration to do so comes from the  video listed below. This naturalista will show you several different styles and explains beautifully how you too can make something cute and stylish for your hair.

4 thoughts on “Hair PIZZAZ with flower accessories -so sexy!!”

  1. The way you told that story about your niece was funny. I can picture the whole scene playing out. Is she a teenager?

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