Deja Dee: Naturalista, Actress & Radio talent

Naturalista Deja Dee
Do you have a signature style?  Why does it appeal to you?
I do.  I love it because it’s big, bold and has a free spirit vibe, it’s fun and sexy.  When it’s time to be on … this style is most me.
Describe your experience with a texturizer .
NOT!!! what I expected.  I thought it would  loosen my natural curl pattern and  soften the texture.  However, I believe it was left in too long.  Also, some stylist have said it shouldn’t’ have been combed thru because that added to the straightening of the hair.  So it just looked like I had a relaxer.  Totally straight! I was not having that and decided to grow that out.

Please describe your hair routine (shampoo how often and so forth).
Well, I shampoo once a week and see my stylist once or twice a month for a deep condition.  I also will have a protein treatment about every 6 weeks.  We also keep the ends trimmed to promote healthy growth.  And because I am  an independent beauty consultant for Mary Kay, I understand the power of using a complete line of products.  So I use all things needed in my hair care line.  The products are designed to work  together and Lord knows I need all things to work together for the good of this hair!!!
Deja & Poet Nikki Giovanni
What are some of your favorite hair and skin products?
Skin Care is easy. I became a Mary Kay consultant because I’m a “MK” junkie and needed get the products at cost (LOL).  I love the Microdermabrasin, Satin Hands & Satin Lips, the Lip glosses, and of course the skin care.  I will not leave home without My Mineral powder and Ultimate Mascara!
As for hair care, although I love Carol’s Daughter, especially because my hair is super coarse and thick, it takes too much shampoo to get the product out.  I have come to love Kera Care’s line and Design Essentials.  And since my stylist, who is an instructor at a Cosmetology School, uses Design, that’s what I use now.  In fact, Design has a new product for natural hair that we will be using soon.
Signature style
What projects have you been featured in?  Where can we hear you daily?
Lifetimes “Army Wives”, One Tree Hill and  the upcoming feature film “Little Red Wagon”
Listen for me  daily 10 A – 3 P on Z-93 Jamz in Charleston, SC
Does wearing your hair as you do affect your goals in broadcast media and the acting field ?
In what I call my meat and potatoes field right now – that being radio. My answer is no. In fact, it adds to my personality and style overall.  In my acting career I believe it does.  I have had to let go of the braids because it was not versatile enough.  My Fro is a bit too strong. However, it does receive a lot of  love.  But overall  my signature style has been a show stopper.  The thing is in the acting world you want to show just you and hair and makeup can sometime distract from that.
Dress: Original creation by Deja Dee

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