Black men on our hair: 140 characters or less

It is my guess  that the larger percentage of black women making hair styling choices don’t consider the many view-points of society when it comes to possibly rocking a natural, a weave or relaxer and  all the other options in between.  We have that “sexy prerogative” in full effect.

However, there are those women that give great importance to what “they” think.  Especially when it comes to the black man, including daddy, brother, lover and friend.

For (you) no matter what side of the fence you stand, I have gathered a few opinions  from  black men and their PREFERENCE when it comes to the black woman and her hair styling choices.

This is article is not based on scientific research  .  It is simply  a lighthearted look at the PREFERENCE of black men when it comes to the  hair styling choices of  the black woman.  The view points expressed are via the social network Twitter.  In 140 characters or less this is what they had to say on what they prefer when it comes to “our” hair.












*Looking for someone to follow on twitter?  Try the brothers mentioned in this post.

4 thoughts on “Black men on our hair: 140 characters or less”

  1. Kevin’s note to his wife…..
    Now that you have gone natural, I can see more of what GOD intended you to be. The beauty that He designed and only gave to you is ravishing, sensual, powerful, captivating, and comforting in the same package. I love the way it compliments your brown almond eyes. Natural hair also adds dimension to an already banging body.

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