Color your hair with HENNA

Color your hair with henna

Henna – Defined

1 : a reddish-brown dye obtained from leaves of the henna plant and used especially on hair
2: an Old World tropical shrub or small tree (Lawsonia inermis) of the loosestrife family with small opposite leaves and panicles of fragrant usually white flowers

Spring had just arrived as I was completely fed up with winter and it’s awful bite.  The year was 2007 a time that found me sporting a bob length, relaxed hair style.  I was feeling bored with my do so I decided after calling around on Edmond Lovelace (not his real name, I thought this fake one sounded kind of sexy).  He was charismatic, seemed to know everything about hair color  and cuts.  He didn’t!

The following day I had the worst head ache I could have imagined. I really thought something was physically wrong with me that required medical attention. I immediately made a doctor’s appointment after calling out from work – my hair really looked like “who done it and why?”

Prognosis: My body aliments was stress brought on by my worry and distress over my new do.  As for my hair I went to another salon for treatment and cut repair.  William applied shampoo and cleansed  my hair with hands of an angle.  He promised we would get my hair journey back on the right track.  He did.

The year 2010:  I refuse to use any permanent hair dye on my hair.  Especially products that call for the  lifting of my natural color first.  I am now strictly a Henna woman.

Henna does not lighten the hair it coats the strands and in essence adds color.  I am not endorsing any particular name brand.  I will suggest however, that you go to a health or wholes food store.  And by all means do your own research first.

Some avoid henna because they have heard tale of a messy application process.  I disagree.  In fact with some preparation I think you too will feel the same.  Below I’m listing some things you may not know about Henna when it comes to special effects found on my  Light Mountain Natural – hair & conditioner (dark brown) henna box:

I have noticed that my once very dark hair (appears black) has taken on a nice dark brown tone.  An effect that is more easily seen in natural sun light.  I have opted to do the henna process every six weeks or slightly longer.  I love the conditioning effect of the product and the fact that I am not chemically altering my natural hair.   I plan to color today and will be adding three tablespoons of fresh lemon juice with the hopes of obtaining rich golden or copper  highlights.

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