Meet Felicia: Natural hair spotlight

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Describe your hair care journey during childhood. This may sound sad to you all, but I have no memory of being natural at all during my childhood. I can remember my hair pressed and then around age 7 or so my Mom decided it would’ve been cool for me to have a Jheri Curl. After my Jheri Curl phase it was relaxer on top of relaxer. Needless to say chemicals were the back bone of my hair maintenance and while I didn’t think this was a big deal back then I now realize how damaged my hair must have been. I continued to relax threw out the years only stopping during my pregnancies..I often think “Man, if I would’ve kept on going without a perm at that time, my hair would be awesome by”. But you can only learn from your own mistakes. 

Did you Big Chop or transition into your natural hair ?

I transitioned for 6 1/2 months before doing my BC 12/26/09. I woke up the day after Christmas ready, but no salons were open and I was afraid I may chicken out if I waited any longer so I did it myself and went to the barber a few days later to have it shaped.

Have you experienced any work place, family or friend  backlash since going natural?

Since I work at home, I never had to come face to face with others opinions of my decision. Other than going to the school or grocery shopping, no one ever saw me. My mom is natural, my husband loved the idea but I did have some friends throw the “Dashiki” joke at me one time, I just blew it off. The area I live in is predominately white and a lot of them thought it was the most beautiful thing ever. Even to this day when I’m out with my Mom and daughter’s..they compliment of how curly and pretty our hair is…go figure?

Please describe your current style (featured in photo) and how you achieved it.

Since I’m no stylist and my hair still isn’t quite long enough to style the way I want it, my basic  styles are twist and mini twist pulled into whichever way I can get them. These particular set of twist I did on wet hair so they are a little shrunken. I co-washed as normal, applied olive oil and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing  Smoothie and twisted.

* If you have young girls in your life please describe the hair relationship.

This question brings tears to my eyes because the vicious cycle that is ignorance had me do the same to my daughter that my Mom did to me. At 6 yrs old, I put a texture softener in my oldest daughters hair because I could not “manage it” and it all went downhill from there. 1 year later I just relaxed her fully because her hair is really thick and coarse and I didn’t know what to do with it. I didn’t know of any communities that helped with this kind of thing and I combed her hair dry most of the time, causing her a great deal of pain. I remember when she was in girl scouts a natural mom who had dreads at the time grew quite agitated with me after asking if I relaxed her hair and I said yes it’s “easier” now. If only she had advised me on what to do before hand..I would have never done it. Now 10 yrs old, she has gone 100% natural again (having done her bc shortly after mine) and is looking forward to the day she can wear wash and go’s. My 5-year-old is the luck one of the group because now I know whats needed to  keep up her beautiful coily locs of hair.


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