Dreadlock Whisper – to lock or not?

Recently I twisted my hair into the Baby Coil style.  It is what some would call a protective style because there is very little hair manipulation.  When I wake up I lightly spray my hair with a water and glycerin mix. Then apply  raw coconut oil for sheen.  Almost a week later I’m finding myself contemplating growing dreadlocks.  The style itself is one that I’m familiar with.  After doing different styles since I cut my original locks off over six years ago, I had forgotten how care free the lock style  is from day-to-day.   That’s not to say that locks don’t need up keep.  Like regular shampooing and conditioning of the hair.  I’m talking about being able to wake up and not have the hair worry about time.  Working out  and sweating – not so much an issue.

Apart of me would miss conversation with other natural women that I meet out and about.  I don’t recall that type of bonding before when I wore my hair locked. Another  drawback is once you lock the hair, styling options diminish (Afros, two-strand twist, baby coils, flat twist and so forth).  I’m not sure what I want to do at the moment.   I love my kinky Afro and the variety.  However, there is something about a black man and woman with dreadlocks that screams – royalty & distinction.

To lock or not?  That is the question.

2 thoughts on “Dreadlock Whisper – to lock or not?”

  1. I’ve been wearing locks since May 2005 and I love it. I don’t want to think about what I am going to do with my hair everyday when I wake up. Plus, I have never been the creative kind – I can’t create a style even if I tried. I love to wake up, shake and go.

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