My Anniversary – One-year relaxer free

Afro on my mind

September marks the first anniversary of my chopping off my hair to remove the chemical  relaxer.  I don’t miss the so-called ease of styling. Wearing weaves and those chemical applications every 6-to-8 weeks was a lot of work too.  Bottom line no matter how we CHOOSE to wear our hair, some work is required.  Some have suggested that natural hair, especially when worn in an Afro style  some how implies that the wearer is a rebel or a potential trouble maker.  For me I’ve found that natural hair sends the message I am approachable.  Particularly when it comes to other women who chose not to alter their natural curls/kinks/coils/waves.   I have lost count of the women that I have met  and held long conversations with about hair care.

The most memorable is the one that took place on the hair care aisle at Wal-Mart.  A Caucasian women with bi-racial children was in search of the right RELAXER for her daughter’s hair.  During our conversation I convinced her not to do it.  I instead suggested products and other styling options.  She told me that the children’s relatives thought  the girls needed to alter their natural texture for more styling control.   I couldn’t help but think it was the black side of the family.  I could be wrong.  However, hair texture  is still a big issue  in our community.  When kinky hair makes your own family members upset and they share the same DNA with you.  Something about that picture is sad.

Perhaps you are thinking about returning to your natural root.  Good for you.  The CHOICE is yours and yours alone.  However, I thought I would share just a bit of inspiration.  From the YouTube page of NATURALNANA (check her out when you get chance).

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