Introducing Tracy J.

Have you always embraced your hair in its natural state?  Tell us your HAIR-story?
The answer is NO.  I’ve been natural for the past 13-months but my story is similar to many other black women’s story.  I got my first texturizer when I was four years old. I certainly didn’t  ask for it.  It was my mothers choice.  I have very thick hair like my fathers and my mother wasn’t able to dedicate the time to take care of my hair.  I think the long mornings spent in the kitchen getting my hair pressed only to have it poof back up was too much for my mom to handle. So she did what she thought was right by chemically changing the texture of my hair.
I was never really great at styling my own hair so I just continued with the relaxers.  Then high school hit and I would go between micro braids and wraps. When I made it to college I discovered hair weaves and at the point it was on. I got the length that I wanted and I didn’t really have to do much with my own hair.
I wore weaves for 5 years straight while I continued  relaxing my hair, still under the assumption that my natural hair was too unruly and unmanageable.  But, thanks to my weave obsession I stumbled across a couple of YouTube Vloggers like Rustic Beauty [I thought wow her hair is super thick like mine but she’s all natural].  From this point I started to research natural hair a bit more and I became consumed with researching natural hair and all the ways that you can take care of it.  I was convinced that I could have natural healthy hair too!

How do you friends and family react to your natural hair?
Once I made the decision to stop relaxing my hair I told my family and friends and they were all like yeah, yeah okay we’ll believe it when we see it. Because, as I said before I had worn long 16-inch weaves for years so everyone was only used to seeing me with long hair straight hair so they thought I wasn’t going to make it.  However,  I knew what I was going to do and didn’t mind the doubt.  After 3 months of transitioning I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to BC  (big chop).  I called my sister and she cut all of my relaxed ends off.  I must say that initially it was like what the heck did I just do!?  But once I got over the initial shock I was ready to face my family and friends.  All of the women in my family and my friends thought it was great and were nothing but complimentary. However, my brothers and nephew all asked the same question – Why?  I told them that it was my decision and I wanted to give my hair a chance to go grow and be healthy.  I also, told them I was tired of relaxing my hair burning my scalp, being in pain just to achieve a one-dimensional look.

Has your natural style influenced other areas of your life?
I would say that now I am more conscious of what I put into my body. I read the labels of everything  and I try to make wiser decisions about what it is that I put into and on my body. I try to eat and use organic products when possible. Its been a journey of discovery for me in all aspects of my life and I am so thankful that this journey has been positive for me.

If you could  hear one person’s thoughts for a 24-hour period.  who would U choose?
I would choose my Father. He  passed away when I was younger. I wish that I could gather some of that great fatherly wisdom that’s meant for a daughter especially now that I am old enough to take it all in!

One thought on “Introducing Tracy J.”

  1. Congrats on your hair and health journey! Your hair is beautiful.

    I’m currently in the transition stage to my natural hair. I’ve been natural for 1 year and 3 months, but I had been getting my hair pressed. The pressing ruined some of my natural curl pattern so I was stopped that.

    Good luck with the rest of your journey!

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