Toni Rocks The Locks


Why do you wear your hair in the loc style?

I wear locs because I hate going to the stylist every two weeks. I especially hate sitting under the dryer for over an hour. Plus having natural hair eliminates the excuses used for not working out and sweating really hard.

Do you find that you attract a certain kind of man since going natural?

When I first went natural white men were all over me – black men not so much. Living in Dallas, I noticed a lot of black men dated white women. After being here for eight years the brothers are coming around – they’re not as shallow as I once thought.

How has your hair style influenced your life in other ways?
I feel free! I love walking in the rain – I don’t own an umbrella. I actually love sweating while I am working out. I don’t have to worry about my hair. Being natural is freeing ….

One word that describes you and why?

Different – you can’t put me in a box

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